College Recruiting

Interested in playing softball in college?  Fusion is committed to helping its players thrive as scholar athletes.  Here are some things you can do right now to explore the possibilities and get started:

  • Make sure to take a challenging high school academic course load and keep your grades high
  • Take the ACT or SAT for the first time no later than the fall of your junior year
  • Fill out the recruiting questionnaires on the softball team websites for at least 20 colleges or universities you might want to attend.  To understand the different athletic levels, see:  While parents can help refine the college  an appropriate list, the player should be handling all communications with the college coaches.
  • Be sure to be realistic about your skill level and that of the college program. Remember that you need to love the college. Coaching staffs change. Your college education is with you forever.
  • If possible, attend college softball camps and clinics (we post many of these opportunities on the SV Fusion Facebook Group and on our Instagram page).  Some camps, like those offered by Headfirst Honor Roll ( allow you to get seen and coached by a large # of coaches at once but can be pricey.  Attending the camp or clinic for a school you are particularly interested in is a great way to get on that coach’s radar.  You can also find quite a few listed or it is easy to google the softball page of a particular college to see what camps or clinics they offer.
  • Make a skills video. Keep it short and start out with an intro of your name, grad year and position. While there are third parties you can pay to do this, initially just having a short 2 – 4 min video showing hitting, fielding (and pitching if applicable) that you have posted on Youtube can work well. This shouldn’t be game footage, but rather film a practice session where coaches can see you do the same skill a few times in a row.
  • Let coaches you are interested in know where your team is playing.
  • Start the process to get an NCAA ID# (see: )
  • If desired, check out recruiting service like NCSA ( which can be helpful in providing lots of useful information, but still require the player and their family to drive the process.



Fusion players putting the student in student-althete between games.
Fusion players putting the student in student-althete between games.

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